Friday, June 15, 2012


Sorry that I am so slow to excuses, just an apology.

1. We do not need to go somewhere to swim. We like to swim, but we don't need to swim. We are just as happy to go to a splash park somewhere. (We don't mind swimming either!)

2. We don't mind paying to do some things. If there are things that we want to do, we can pay to do them. We will not stress about the cost of things (to some extent!!).

3. We are bringing a craft, air compressor rockets. Super fun for all ages! This craft can be done anytime, anywhere (ok, not really, it has to be near Mike's air compressor)

4. We like to take family walks and like to play at the play ground, so we do not have to have every minute planned and we will not just sit around and annoy people by asking what we are supposed to do. We will be happy to have some down time that we can just go to the playground and rest.

5. We are all super excited to see everyone!

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Pitcher Family said...

I agree with all you said