Sunday, August 26, 2012


Last night I was preparing my lesson to teach today in Relief Society.

It was based on Elder Packer's talk And a child shall Lead Them. As I was reading it again yesterday trying to get ready for today I was frustrated. It is a great talk. And just what I needed to read, but there was no substance to it. Nothing to really "teach" if that makes any sense. I wasn't sure why it had been chosen to be taught as one of our Teaching for our Times lessons.

So I worked hard and came up with a lesson plan and prepared my lesson. I had my reading parts ready and everything I was going to say. I had my kids write out each of the words in crayon to the title of the lesson to put up on the board. (my visual of children leading them)

I sat in sacrament meeting and read through my lesson. I felt pretty good about it. Either way it was going to be over in less than three hours.

In Sunday school we talked about tithing and I listened and shared a personal experience. I was beyond stressing about my lesson. Time was counting down. It was coming whether I was ready or not.

And then the first counselor in the bishopric came to the door. He interrupted the lesson. And he spoke the best words I had ever heard: "After this meeting we will be ending church, we have no water in the building."

I had to restrain myself from jumping for joy! Maybe that talk really was chosen just for me to answer my prayers.


Mike said...

That's a great story. Maybe you can share it next time you have to a lesson. I got released from the high priest group leadership today. The bishop mentioned that they are considering putting me in cub scouts. I think I could have fun doing cub scouts, but I could also get really annoyed with the kids. We'll see what I really get called to.

Pitcher Family said...

Nice! Good for you for being prepared though. How often do you teach?